Astralloy 4800® Application

Harris Bundler/Shear

Three Astralloy 4800 test plates were installed on a Harris Bundler/Shear at D.H. Griffin Company on January 10, 2008. One 1" thick Astralloy 4800 plate was installed on the throat floor area behind the lower shear blade along with an OEM standard 1" thick AR400 plate. In this area, AR400 requires weld build up every 150 to 200 operating hours. Through April 25, 2008 the shear operated 950 hours. The Astralloy 4800 plate successfully ran for the entire 950 hours without requiring any weld build up. The Astralloy 4800 plate demonstrated a wear life of 475% to 633% greater than the AR400.